Essex Winer Review

Essex Wine Review

Essex Wine Review
Essex Pelee Island Coast Wine Country (EPIC)

Discover the wines created where Lake, Land and Sun converge. Essex Pelee Island Coast Wine County.

Grape growers in The Lake Erie North Shore and Pelee Island Designated Viticultural Areas grow some of the world’s finest vinifera and French hybrid wine grapes that continually and reliably produce award winning, world class wines, including naturally produced ice wines.
The region is a winemaker’s paradise blessed with exceptional soil conditions and a regional climate which offers longer sun hours and greater heat units than any other area in Canada.

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Essex Wine Review

Essex Wine Review
Grown Right Here. Windsor-Essex

Essex County has an abundance of locally grown produced and processed food. Get to know your local producers, processors, wineries, abattoirs and bakeries. Support local businesses and restaurants that promote, buy and serve our local products. By being aware and buying local products you are supporting our economy and being environmentally and socially responsible. To see a listing of businesses and restaurants that sell and serve local food please visit our website at . So, “Look for Local, It’s Worth It.

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Essex Wine Review

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Pelee Island Traminer Muscat 2013 Review

Fri 3, Apr. 15
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3.00 overall score

A unique blend of Gewürztraminer and Muscat Ottonel. Muscat Ottonel is a variety of the Muscat grape producing lighter flavour of wine.

Pale in colour. Flavours of lychee and rose petal scents from the Gewürztraminer grape blend well with Muscat Ottonel variety. This makes our mst exotic tasting wine yet.

75% Gewürztraminer
25% Muscat Ottonel



fruit salad, old cheese, pasta with a white sauce, seafood.

VQA Ontario

Price: $13.75

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